Monday, 20 February 2012

Fair Trade Certified Products and Quality.

For years the Fair Trade Certified label has been a symbol for high quality, social responsibility and environmental sustainability assure consumers that goods were evaluated against rigorous standards that support the welfare of the farmers who grew and sew the products we love. Now Fair Trade standards have received an additional third-party approval from Good Guide, a scientific rating system that compares products on their health, environmental and social show. Good Guide has Fair Trade certification from Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Coffee, tea and cocoa products.

At Good Guide, we are working to authorize consumers with the best information on the most socially and environmentally sustainable products companies,” said Good Guide’s Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer "Dara O’Rourke"

We’re excited to see the Fair Trade standards used as an authoritative standard for quality and sustainability,” said Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA. “In addition to incorporating Fair Trade certification Good Guide rating system, Fair Trade Certified products also make the best part of the highest-rated items, and it consistently dominates the top 10, 20 and even 30 best products to buy in coffee, tea and cocoa.
In the coffee category, the top 23 highest rate coffees are all Fair Trade Certified. With excellent records in the health, environment and social impact zones, products like Timothy’s Colombian and Nicaraguan blends, Tully’s Fair Trade natural Evergreen and a wide variety of coffees from Grounds for Change out-score other brand in the race for sustainable must buy.

For tea, 12 out of 15 top products bear the Fair Trade Certified label. With score of eight and above, Numi Teas really take the cake. Their White Rose Velvet Garden and Breakfast Blend Morning Rise Teas are among some of the most environmentally and publicly sustainable teas on the market.

And then there is chocolate. Every time appearing at the top of the list, brand like Kopali Organics, Green & Black’s, Tcho and Dagoba are the reasons. Why 8 of the 15 best rated cocoa products on Good Guide are Fair Trade Certified. Each of the brands uses responsibly source cocoa in their chocolate, showing the world their promise to fair labor practice, and social and environmental sustainability.

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