Wednesday, 29 February 2012

International Fairtrade

We are 25 organization working to secure a well again deal for producers. From our head office in Bonn, Germany, we set international Fairtrade standards and support Fairtrade producers. You can maintain producers struggling to develop their lives by buying products that transmit the FAIRTRADE MARK. Here you can find out how the system works and how it benefits producers.

Fairtrade standards are deliberate to tackle poverty and allow producers in the poorest country in the world. The standards apply to both producers and traders. Find out the need for Fairtrade in special product categories below. You can also see our fast links if you are involved in selling or buying Fairtrade. Read our policy on combination products here.

One of Fairtrade International's key tasks is to support Fairtrade producers. Here you can see information about the producers we work with, and information of the support we offer. Here you can wait up-to-date with Fairtrade. If you're a commentator, see our information about reporting on Fairtrade.

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