Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Co-operative Fairtrade Pineapples.

We introduce the world’s first ever Fairtrade pineapples in 2002. This move remains really important to the livelihood of a co-operative of 147 small-scale pineapple growers and their family in the northern-most part of Costa Rica.

They farm in one of the poorest region in the country, which has high levels of joblessness. As more and more people choose to buy a Fairtrade pineapple, the growers are able to provide in their co-op and magnetize more growers, invest in their farms, and invest in their community. Part of the Fairtrade premium been used to help set up a social enterprise project run a local women’s group.

It makes shampoos, conditioners and washes products for the local market. The growers choose to spend another part of the Fairtrade premium on equip local schools with computers and desks. For the growers, being able to assist give their children the chance to a good education is one of the main benefits to receiving the Fairtrade premium.

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