Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fair Trade or Organic

Consumers should be aware that fair trade products aren’t of necessity organic, though some may have earned organic certification. Fair trade fruits, vegetables, coffees and teas, may contain pesticides or be full-grown with the use of fake fertilizers.

Fair trade goods as well aren’t the cheapest things on the projection fair trade coffee, for example, usually isn’t as economical as commercially grown coffee, but its price is similar to that of gourmet coffees. Marketplace research has confirmed that many customers are willing to pay more for fair trade as well as organic and other high-quality sustainable products.

Proponents of fair trade goods say that any extra price is a reflection of the many profit of the products: green protection, better and safer working conditions, and access to physical condition care and education for workers and their family. Some critics, however, have charged that fair trade workers are not paid much more than other workers and that comply with strict rules for fair trade certification is hard for small farmers and artisans.

Fair Trade Organic Green Tea

Fair Trade Organic Green Str, Tag & Env Tea is high in antioxidants, this delicious Fairtrade green tea is grown using only natural method of cultivation. It is greatly regard for its subtle flavor and light golden color. The fine personality ensures a pure and distinctive cup of tea. Ingredients: 100% in nature grown Fairtrade green tea.

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