Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fair Trade Principles

Fair Trade is a trading system based on fairness, stateliness and respect in all levels of operations. It’s also a sustainable business advance, whereby People, the Planet and income are evenly important in the workplace.

Fair Trade is guided by 10 internationally-recognized Principles:

Creating opportunity for disadvantaged producers

Being paid a fair price and fair gross

behind safe, healthy and participatory workplaces

Building the capability of producers and their employees

Ensuring green sustainability

Building straight, long-term relationships with producers

Ensuring public answer ability and transparency

Eliminating child work

promote gender equity

promote fair trade

In order for an organization to state they are Fair Trade, they must be able to prove that they comply by the above standards. This is done throughout Fair Trade labeling and certification and at present there are audits that can be accepted out on the Philippine level regionally and globally (World Fair Trade Organization).

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