Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fair Trade top. Ben and Jerry's Introduces New Ice Cream Flavors

Fair Trade can be delicious. Ben and Jerry's, which introduce Fair Trade coffee ice cream flavors to their scoop shops and grocery stores in 2005, is ongoing the charge with Fair Trade vanilla and chocolate ice cream. New flavors are available in grocery stores this month.

Since Ben and I started the business we've used ethical ideals to guide our business decisions, such as sourcing ingredient, said Ben & Jerry's co-founder Jerry Greenfield when the company announces the move last October. Expanding from our Fair Trade Certified Coffee flavors to Fair Trade Vanilla and Chocolate is one more step forward in our values-led sourcing decision.

Ben & Jerry's purchase its Fair Trade Certified coffee from a helpful in Mexico; vanilla from Fair Trade Certified producer in India, with producer in Indonesia and Uganda under concern; and Fair Trade Certified cocoa from producers in the Dominican Republic.

Ben & Jerry's Fair Trade Certified line-up now include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, and Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz.

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