Friday, 25 May 2012

Fair Trade Practices

Arbitration and Dispute Resolutions Services

• Arbitration Proceedings
• Conciliation Proceedings under the settlement and Conciliation Act, 1996.
• Petitions before the High Courts for appointment of arbitrators.
• Petition before court in link with enforcement of domestic and overseas awards.

Civil Services

• All kind of home matters
• Wills and legacy related matters.
• Building and collaboration relating matters.
• Injunctions and civil suits.

Corporate and Commercial Services

• Corporate contracts and transactions.
• Negotiation and certification
• Project handling
• Licensing and sharing Agreement

Intellectual Property Right Laws Services

• Trademark law and registrations
• Copyright law and registrations
• Software Protection
• Intellectual land Licensing
• Design laws and register
• Law pertaining to trade secret and confidential information including usual knowledge.

Taxation Services

• Direct Taxes in respect of corporate bodies as well as persons expatriates
• Indirect Taxes including all Sale duty and Excise Duty Matters
• Tax structure including advice on Avoidance of in two Taxation Treaties.

Trade Protection Laws

• Anti-Dumping, Safe Guard, Countervailing/grant related matters.
• Filing of petition and representation before Designated Authority instead of domestic industry, importers, exporters and user relations.

• Filing and preparation of importer exporter survey response and follow-up of the case in the interest of customers.

• Appearance before DA in public hearings and filing of written submissions and response thereto.

• Proceeding before CESTAT, High Court and Supreme Court in an anti-dumping matter related appeal, writ and special leave appeal.

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