Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rapaport Fair Trade jewelry and diamond

Rapaport Fair Trade is the leading resource for socially conscious jewelry consumers and members of the jewelry and diamond trade. Our goal is to provide moral education for jewelry supplier, buyers, first time or experienced diamond buyers, social activists, students, and anyone attracted in jewelry, trends, and ethical luxury.

Rapaport does not buy or trade diamonds on our own account. With a standing built on leading information services, create fair and efficient markets and increase transparency in the diamond business, it’s natural that Rapaport is the place to turn when you want to know where your diamond came from, or where you can get a piece of jewelry that is both high fashion and highly ethical.
Rapa port Fair Trade believes powerfully in educating the industry, and hosts annual conference in locations worldwide to discuss human rights and ethical source issue.

Our Mission

Ensure that diamonds, precious gems, and costly metals are not responsible for human rights abuses, crime, or illegal green damage.

Ensure that diamonds, costly gems, and precious metals become a force for sustainable development, optimistic growth, and empowerment in the community from which they originate and at all point along the supply chain.

Educate the diamond and jewelry industry, consumers, activist and students. Enable educated decisions regarding diamond, costly metal and jewelry purchases.


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  2. For more information you can visit www.rapaportfairtrade.com.