Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fairtrade supporting more Producers

SERRV Internationals Artisan Work website - Learning modules and exercises on topics similar to Product Development, Marketing, and Production preparation, videos and slideshows that point up best practices, discussion groups to connect with artisans and expert around the world, and more capital, links, documents, and advice

•Fair Wage Guide - A free, web-based tool to help calculate fair income in the local context

•Exporting to the United States: A Guide for Small overseas Exporters by Belisa de las Casas and Luke Zahner, 2004

•Style and Trends Report - The Crafts Center's analysis of current color and other style trend.

•The ATA Export Manual: A Guide to Exporting Crafts to the US by Docey Lewis and Karen Gibbs. Available from Aid to Artisans.

•Guide to Major U.S. Retailers include advice for producers and make contact with information for physical and online craft retailer and wholesalers. Available from the Crafts Center.


•Developpement international Desjardins works to improve access to financial services in community in developing countries by creating, developing, and increase financial institutions that are rooted in the community.

•OikoCredit offers loans, credit lines, equity money, and guarantees to fair trade organizations.

•Funding Resources for Artisans international explains ways of obtaining funding and lists contact information for many possible funding sources. Available from the Crafts Center.

•Foundation for International Community Assistance provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs fabricate assets and improve their standard of living.

•Research and Applications for Alternative Financing for Development - A private base based in Geneva that advises, supports, and provides a frame for local associations of farmers, women, independent artisans, small businesses, savings and loan groups, and microfinance institutions in Southern countries to help small and micro-businesses become self-sustainable.

•worldwide Finance Corporation Financing is only available to those in a developing nation that is a member of IFC

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