Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Olympic Torch for Fairtrade

What I like about the 2012 Olympic Torch impart is that it links communities throughout the ground with the Olympic Games in London, which in turn link with communities throughout the world.

On 8 June 2012, the day I carried the torch, the group of people was alive. I was taken aback at the size and nature of the crowds. Folk were out in cup last numbers. In the village where I carried the torch, I have been told the ambiance was buzzing two hours before the torch was due to arriving. Something big was occurrence in Barr mill; North Ayrshire and people were paying attention.

I carried the torch as high as I could. I wasn’t concerned at being told millions were watching about the world online, but strong-minded to do a grand job. I waved to the primary school children and high-fived those success out from the crowd. I spotted family members and group among the crowd. I had agreed an embrace with Thomas, the next torch bearer. As I flung my arms around him, I without knowing clouted the escort policeman with the torch.

It was a short and fast run, lasting only a few minutes, but the reminiscences, well, those are for a lifetime. There is a time capsule, to be open in Barr mill in 20 years time, which will show that my movement for Fairtrade cotton school wear was original in 2012, but perhaps in 2032 those investigate the capsule will all be tiring fairly traded cotton. The spirit of fair play at the Olympics that year will with any luck once again be relayed by a torch in lieu of peace, unity and friendship.

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