Monday, 23 July 2012

Fair Trade Diamonds

Open Source Minerals ltd is a trading stage for diamonds, precious metals and gems with known origin and sourcing practices. Sense third party verification and full revelation.

We focus on small scale mining projects in South Africa and South America and are presently working on establish sources for community mined diamonds and gold.
We believe in empowering people and assist them in advertising their products in a free market via our Auctions platform or otherwise. Via our brand Wishes Jewels we endorse high end handmade jewelers with known origin of materials and manufacturing.

Products are available via our authorized resellers. Open Source raw materials ltd is a Jewel tree Foundation License Holder.
Fair Trade Diamonds

Fair trade diamonds from society mining with Community benefits and known polishing centre practice.

• Liqhobong Womens Mining helpful Lesotho

The Liqhobong Women Mining Cooperative was one of the 1st successful diamond mining cooperative in Africa. The Women Miners who worked there where all near departure age and received an extra fair trade premium for their diamonds. The diamonds are refined in a diamond polishing cooperative in Surat which was set up particularly for this reason.

• We can also get Fair Mined diamonds with society benefits from South Africa. All shapes and sizes.

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