Friday, 13 July 2012

Fair trade hand bags

Feel good hand bags is an animal friendly company, committed to bringing about an awareness of non-animal manipulative products by providing charming and stylish alternatives to leather.

If you are looking for something new and exciting feel good hand bags has that to offer the discerning purchaser.

We had been looking for alternatives to leather for quite some time, when we came across many beautiful bags that were not currently on sale in the UK. There has been an absence of excellence and fashionable alternatives to leather in the past but we now expect to bring fresh and inventive products to the current market.

Our main focal point is on animal-friendly, but we also incorporate eco-friendly/recycled and Fairtrade in the choices we make. There is a growing awareness of the import of the ethical treatment of animals. These bags are available to those who desire to make certain lifestyle choices.

We are hoping to expand, increasingly, the business by incorporating more animal friendly products. We aim to source from companies that are produce cruelty free materials, who are animal friendly and have a sympathetic understanding of the ethical action of animals in the modern world. Ethical developed is very important to us.

As the inception of Feel good hand bags in April 2008 we have added many new appearance and new designers.

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