Friday, 17 August 2012

fair trade shirts

The company was well-known to supply clergy with attractive and well styled Fairtrade Certified Cotton Shirts of the top quality material, cut, and workmanship at a sensible price.

Fairtrade - All our garments carry the Fairtrade Foundation Trademark which guarantees that small size cotton farmers from developing countries receive a fair and stable price for their goods and labors. Also they receive a Fairtrade premium which enables them to put in in their farm businesses and communities.

We also seek to ensure that our trading practice with customers, retailers, and other bodies are fair and sincere. We seek to build long term and sustainable partnership with all our suppliers and give value for money to our customers.

Profit with a purpose - We ensure that a fraction of our profits are channeled into relief work and social venture in the developing world. In exacting we help to fund the work of the Home of Hope Orphanage in Malawi by providing full University scholarships and causal to the ongoing living and educational costs of its 600 plus children.

Shirt Donations - Each year we allocate a proportion of our stock to send to clergy in the developing world. We work with Diocese' across the developing world to provide their Ordinands with free religious wear.

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