Thursday, 9 August 2012

Holloway Trade up Diamonds

Bring any diamond of more than 0.25ct and we will credit you with its full resale value to your trade up. Any diamond income any old diamond, good, bad or unattractive, for a new bigger or better excellence diamond. All we ask is that you create an equal value donation from your own pocket.

For example, say we make a decision a fair value for your diamond is $5,000. With your minimum involvement of $5,000 you select your own Holloway ideal cut diamond worth $10,000. It's that simple!

Selling 2nd hand is inconvenient, a security risk, takes time and energy and you can get rip off. We will help you cash in the present fairness in your diamond, and secure a fine excellence Holloway diamond.

Your diamond will be offered for sale at the same price you traded it for; a fair resale value for both the consumer and seller. You can check the 'transparency' anytime by calling to ask the prices of trade in diamonds. Often traded diamonds are use to match lost or old diamonds.

Trade up again and again, but wait for a higher trade up value on a Holloway diamond! Some clients have really traded down in weight, but their whiter and power Holloway diamond looks bigger and outshines the old stone.

Come in to also store for a free appraisal of your old diamonds deal up value.
Because we only sell natural diamonds of natural color we cannot accept synthetic, clarity enhanced or color treated diamonds.

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