Monday, 1 October 2012

Fire Trade Pineapples

A Bomart was Fairtrade certified for pineapples and mangoes in 2002. Fairtrade sales include expense of a minimum price and extra Fairtrade Premium to invest in social projects that benefit the workers and their community. The premium fund is managed on behalf of the workers by a Joint Body of selected worker legislature. Diana Manasseh represents the management on the JB in her ability as Fairtrade Officer to organize Fairtrade matters between workers and management. Her skills and experience are used to guide the JB in project management, finance, accounts, and administration, while the in general decision-making power rest with the selected members.

The Fairtrade Premium has been used for a selection of projects including:

•Small loans scheme available to all workers 

•Canteen subsidy – a daily meal is provide for all workers with a 40% reduction in cost 

•building of boreholes at three locations to provide clean drinking water 

•Construction of 2 kindergarten blocks, each with 3 rooms, office and washrooms 

•Provision of furniture for the 2 kindergartens 

•Cash donation towards the construction of a motherhood wing for Note Dame clinic 

•Computer pool for training workers in computer skills 

•Sponsorship for extra tuition of workers’ children at 3 schools •Supply of books and writing materials to workers’ children 

•Training for Joint Body members. New or prepared Fairtrade pineapple from Bomarts is available from Booths, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. Their fresh Fairtrade mango is accessible in season at ASDA and Morrison’s.

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