Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fairtrade Responds to ARTE document

ARTE aired a documentary called, “Der fair Handel auf dem Prüfstand/Le business du commerce equitable”. We watched the documentary and we take the issues address very seriously.

We know that a commitment to scaling up Fairtrade impact with truth requires walking a line between socially and environmentally in charge production, and enabling trade that ultimately benefits producers, workers and their community. 

Over the years Fairtrade has learned valuable lessons about meeting the often-conflicting needs of needy producers and the demands of the marketplace. Growth can solve problems, but can breed others if core human rights principles are not considered. 

The Fairtrade values have minimum entry supplies based on international human rights conventions and international labour law. Fairtrade exact certification system is a vital tool to detect human rights violations on Fair trade-certified farms. We continually seek to improve the basis for better living and working conditions of producers and workers and their communities.

Fairtrade is always open to scrutiny and welcomes helpful criticism. The documentary raises serious issues; however we have questions around some of the information, how it was presented, and the conclusions drawn from it.