Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Small Producer Symbol Expands Program

The Small Producer Symbol, a producer-led and owned Fair Trade certification system based in Latin America focusing on small producers, has in recent months extended into more countries, coops and product categories. 

Small Producer Program announced its first organization registration in Germany, which will enable consumers there to become aware of the pioneering certification. So far, there are 52 organizations certified by the SPP.

Two coffee producer’s organizations of Bolivia have recently joined SPP, La Montana Verde and Antofagasta. Plus, a fruit producing organization from Ecuador, Urocal, became a new member. Furthermore, SPP celebrates its 1st small artisans’ organization, OEPAIC, also from Bolivia.

SPP held its yearly conference in Peru, November 7 and 8, with about a 100 people, most of them small producers, from several countries of Latin America, North America and Europe.

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