Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fair trade Bird In Hand Winery

As the annual Wine Fair edges ever nearer like a glass to anticipate lips, more of our esteem wine makers are joining the throng.

The common Wine Company is delighted to announce that the well-known face of Andrew Nugent will be on the Bird in Hand position on 25th September at the Wine Fair.every person is welcome to come and chat to him and discern more about his quiet but steely strength of mind to grow Bird in Hand keen on one of the world’s great wineries.
As Andrew says, we live and working at the winery. We know the greatest thing we can do for our society is grow and produce the best wine and olives we can. Our success will be our community’s success. A high tide lifts all the boats in the bay. At Bird in Hand we’ve assemble the best team of people, we have painstakingly selected the great terroir and we’re in good on our way.

Andrew will be on hand to explicate his vision in more depth, and with any luck, if we are very good, we might be able to induce him to give us a master class in the side room. Join us, as this year truly is set to be the best yet.

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