Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fair Trade with catering products

The companies, listed by area in the spreadsheet below, are register with the Fairtrade organization to supply Fairtrade certified products to the food service. This includes distributors, wholesalers and transaction machine operators as long as a range of food from espresso beans to fruit juice. They also show which distributors can present you vending machines and apparatus services.

More and more companies are offering Fairtrade products so please ask your offered supplier if they have Fairtrade certified products obtainable. If not, we hope this index will help you source a supplier of the products you need. To help with your search we have categorize the directory by area and then listed companies alphabetically.

Look out for companies with ND appear under their company name as they have National Distribution. As well we have provided a directory listing those companies with National Distribution.

London and Home Counties

East and South East England


North England

South West England & Wales

Channel Islands


Northern Ireland

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