Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fair Trade Artisan Products

Information on the Artisan Groups:

Vietnam: This group of artisans in a group contributes to the development and sustainability of a school for handicapped and orphaned children in Vietnam while caring the traditional artisan work of culture. The school opened in 1994 with a present enrollment of 120 deaf children and 150 handicapped children. The most important source of profits for the school is from the commissions of the artisan work.

India: This group is set up to decrease the forced relocation of individuals and families to a bigger city center by creating sustainable jobs in villages. This products imported from Himjoli are created from the beautiful work of the local craftspeople of Kumaon. Access to these local hand-crafted products will help keep the beautiful and customary hand-work that has been developed and perfect over generation.
L.I.B. International in Fair Trade:

Commitment to supporting entrepreneurs of the world focuses on creating financially stable markets for deprived grass root entrepreneurs and artisans. We work to reach this by fostering relationships with artisans and importing goods for sale in Canada during various sharing channels under fair and ethical trade practices. Our fair trade program is base on the principles that trade must have a conscience of equally buyer and seller to provide a larger justice to people in world labour markets following values and principles:

Excellence and environmentally produced products

Neutralization of human rights related to working conditions.

Gender equality and child labour

Creation of jobs for disadvantaged public

Stimulates and invests in the improvement of social conditions in a community

Connects the world through affirmative trade

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