Friday, 6 April 2012

World wide Fair Trade Products

Every year the sales of Fair Trade products grow close to 32% and in 2005 were worth over 600 million US. In the case of coffee and tea, sales grow almost 55% per year in sure countries. In 2002, 16 500 tons of Fair Trade Coffee was purchase by consumers in 18 countries Fair trade coffee is presently produced in 24 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia The 167 FLO links in Latin America and Caribbean are placed in 15countries and collectively export over 85% of the world’s Fair Trade coffee

Africa’s export come from places such as South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, these exports are valued at 25 million dollars US among the years of 2004 and 2006 Africa speedily expanded their number of FLO certified manufacturer groups, rising from 77 to 172; nearly half of which live in in Kenya, following closely following are Tanzania and South Africa. The FLO products Africa is known for are tea, fruits, flowers and wine.

Latin America
Latin America is known for produce the majority of certified organic coffee. Study in the early 2000s show that the profits, education and healthiness of coffee producers involved with Fair Trade in Latin America were better, versus producers who were not participate. Nicaragua, Peru and Guatemala, having the leading population of coffee producers, make use of some of the mainly substantial land for coffee production in Latin America and do so by attractive part in Fair Trade.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, an Indonesian island with a strong clothing manufacturing sector does not yet have a fair trade charter in place.

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