Monday, 9 April 2012

Fair-trade Certification Programmed

The aim of the Fair for Life Social & FairTrade Programme is to make sure fair and up relations between producers and their cooperative or constricting companies, between employees and their employer, between vendor and buyers the world market as at the same time ensuring performance of standards.

Social liability Certification confirms that workers enjoy good working setting and that producer groups have well working, accountable internal structure. The Fair for Life programmed builds on widely known baseline standards such as the conventions of ILO, SA 8500 and the social criteria of IFOAM.

Social & Fair-trade Certification includes all social standards, but focus as well on trade relations. Fair-trade means long-term and trustful collaboration between partners, transparent price setting, open consultation and prices that allow for social improvement of the concerned communities. Though the Fair for Life Social Fair Trade program does not limit fair-trade to developing countries and marginalized producers, fair-trade plainly aims at improvement of the social condition of those groups who are most poor in the individual local setting.

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