Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fair Trade Towns USA

Fair Trade Towns USA Is a fun and engaging way to grow the Fair Trade movement in your group of people. As a complete platform for growing awareness, availability, and commitment to Fair Trade in the US, Fair Trade Towns provides the chance to build community in your town, as good as connect your community to those in the developing world.

Fair Trade Towns unites conscious consumers, dedicated activists, member of the business and retail community, local communities of faith and other community organization, and your city or town government in the shot to make sure that we are all playing a part in supporting those who give us with so much in the US market.

Through dynamic dealings, meetings, online organizing and other outreach we bring jointly a diverse group of community members to expand the message of the import of Fair Trade and unite our community behind a banner of global justice and fairness.

The movement is made up of a diverse group of inspired activists, engaged community groups and organizations, and communally responsible members of the business community. We are dedicated to raising awareness in our fellow community members that all dollars we spend is a great decision, with ramification that echo across continents, countries, and communities.

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