Friday, 20 April 2012

world Fair Trade Vancouver

Fair Trade Vancouver is committed to establishing partnerships and collaborative relationships with like- minded groups and organization committed to justice, sustainability, and human rights locally, nationally and worldwide. Goal is not only to make and improve on our relations with like-minded groups, but also to give confidence organizations to adopt and support Fair Trade Practices.

We welcome partnerships with

Non-profit groups that focus on sustainability and global development

Churches and other faith groups

Schools and student organization


Business development associations

We hope to use our partnerships to in public support Fair Trade, practice Fair Trade purchase, publicly reward partners for Fair Trade practices, give confidence conversion to Fair Trade products and create a national and global group for sharing resources.

World Fair Trade Partners

African Canada Accountability Coalition

Amnesty International


Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Canadian Crossroads International

Co Development Canada

Education Generation

Engineers without Borders Canada

Ethical Deal

Free the Children

Global Agents

Haiku Media


Kid sport


Oxfam Canada

Projecting Change

Sawa World

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