Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fair Trade Cookson Gold

Fairtrade - Background

The UK is one of the world’s leading Fairtrade markets, with other products and more awareness of Fairtrade than someplace else in the world.

Sales of Fairtrade products soar by 40% in 2010 to a predictable retail value of £1170 million compared with £836 million in 2009.

UK shoppers are continuing to hold Fairtrade, showing their promise to ethical values in spite of the tough economic times.

In 2011, Cookson Precious Metals became a FLO-CERT register dealer of certified Fairtrade and Fair-minded gold.

Fairtrade and Fair-minded Gold Offer

With jewelers it's the thought that counts. Research reveals that people buying jewelers for a special event hold greater value and implication if it carries the Fairtrade and Fair-minded Marks.

Consumer concerns about gold have been linked to the growing trend for fairly traded or morally sourced products. Reports show that a 3rd of consumers would choose to shop at stores that were worried about how their gold is shaped; while a quarter said they buy Fairtrade and Fair-minded gold even if it meant paying more.

The Fairtrade and Fair-minded dual stamp on products gives pledge to retailers and consumers that miners in the developing world are getting a fair deal for their work.

Gold product available from Cookson Precious Metals

Fairtrade and Fair-minded certified gold, is the world's 1st self-sufficient ethical certification system for gold, which will offer you the assurance of a product which has been sensibly mined.

In 2011 Cookson Precious Metals became a certified dealer of Fairtrade and Fair-minded Gold.

Grain - Fine Gold Grain, 18ct Yellow Gold Grain, 18ct White Gold Grain

Sheet - 18ct Yellow Gold Sheet 2mm, 18ct White Gold Sheet 2mm

Round Wire - 18ct Yellow Gold 1.5mm Round Wire, 18ct White Gold 2.5mm Round Wire

Square Wire - 18ct Yellow Gold 3mm & 6mm Square Wire, 18ct White Gold 3mm & 6mm open place Wire

As demand from our customer’s increase so wills our range, check back for normal range updates.

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  1. Fair trading is needed in every gold trading. No one wants to get their business bankrupt so you should have a gold trader that is really good in every transaction.