Monday, 30 July 2012

fair trade jewelry

This Jewelry from India is from several special Fair Trade Jewelry organizations and reflects the beautiful cultural style of Asian jewelry.

The first fair trade jewelry organisation is part of a group of South Indian social organizations connecting particularly deprived women. The fair trade jewelry organisation was found by social workers who are determined to improve the livelihood of isolated women and their children from the Chennai slum.

The fair trade jewelry organisation provides these women with capital and training to develop the necessary skills to boat these beautiful pieces of India jewelry. Built-in in the fair trade jewelry are a colorful collection of hand lacquered and painted wood jewelry using natural vegetable dyes resultant in beautiful India bangles and India necklace styles.

Another of the fair trade jewelry organizations is an organisation in Moradabad, India. This organization’s assignment is to modify the lives of artisans through teaching and skill building so that they may become self enough, aware of fair working conditions and the surroundings as well as observe their jewelry craft.

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