Thursday, 30 August 2012

Original Fair Trade Certfied

Fair Trade Original, incorporated in 1959, is the founder of development trade – and plan which has since been adopted all over the globe. Development trade ensures that products made by farmers, craftsmen and companies with a suitable social policy gain access to the export markets.

This in turn creates employment that increases the wealth of the people involved, their villages and, on occasion, of the complete region. And on the other side of the world we also develop ourselves as we change from haphazard buyers into socially-aware consumers.Farmers and other producers in developing countries supply high-quality products to Fair Trade Original.

Fair Trade Original, in teamwork with organizations in the countries of origin, makes all effort to ensure that the products are like-minded with the needs of European consumers. For this reason the producers receive information and training courses connecting to new trends and developments in food safety, information that would otherwise remain unreachable to them.

Fair Trade Original buys the products under fair trade terms and condition, and offers the producers support in product development, production methods, logistics, and market. Then Fair Trade Original as a trader is selling the products to World shops, Fair Trade Shops, supermarket and other normal shops.

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