Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fair Trade and Production

Customers that purchase art from Promote Africa will certainly require that the products are produced and purchased according to fair trade guidelines. To ensure that our products are produced and trade fairly, Promote Africa places a high priority on the fact that all artisans and CPOs have access to a fair process for production, trade, cooperation and payment with high opinion to their artwork.

1) Our Relationship with Artisan, Musician and Community

Through on-the-ground working relationships, we have recognized meaningful relations with our partner organizations, musicians and artisans. From placement positions that our staff fills for partner development organizations, to in the field recording with our musicians, Promote Africa is related to the individuals and communities that make our work possible.

For example, in the summer of 2008, two interns from Promote Africa conduct a personnel check for the Namibian Community Skills Development Foundation which oversees the making units for several lines of products carried by Promote Africa. These interns provide us with an intimate look inside COSDEF's ethical, fair, and transparent operations.

2) Our Operational Policies

At a minimum, Promote Africa abides by IFAT's Fair Trade Principles. In addition:

1. We believe in fairness and hope for the hardworking poor by increasing their opportunity for employment and teaching.

2. We partner with artisan cooperatives that pay fair wages to their members and show concern for their members’ welfare.

3. We provide consistent income through purchase, advances of the partial purchase price of goods, and prompt payment of the remainder of the purchase price.

4. We increase market access overseas for African artwork.

5. We market quality artwork shaped by deprived artisans.

6. We market products that reflect authentic African culture, that are
Environmentally friendly and that ask to consumers worldwide.

7. We encourage our customers to become familiar with fair trade and to gain an approval and respect for artisans’ heritage, financial security, and service status.

8. We place great value on our volunteers who work across the world.

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