Thursday, 22 November 2012


Trees for Life 

•A grassroots program to replant olive trees in Palestine, each $21 share replants 3 trees 

•Give shares as a gift, in honor of a loved one, to celebrate main occasions, or for personal carbon offsets 

•Trees for Life gifts make a lasting impression. For events large and small, this lasting gift will be remembered. 

•state to and from names at checkout so we can personalize your corticated •We will send you the certificate automatically to print out and present

•Inspiring 72 minute documentary about the daily struggles and joys of Palestinian fair trade olive farmers 

•A group of American ultra-marathoners runs 130 miles in 5 days across the West Bank replanting uprooted olive trees and planting hope 

•Price includes delivery, no extra shipping and handling on this item 

•50% of the proceeds to Stone Hut Studios from the sale of this film will go to On The Ground to support the replanting of olive trees in Palestine.

 Producer Profile Book 

•Part of a 3 year study to collect stories from each of the 50 PFTA cooperatives we partner with.

•There are over 1700 farm families and 200 women producers all has a story to tell. •The first 24 stories are collected here, printed for presentation, inspiration or gift giving.

•The price includes delivery, no additional shipping and handling on this item.

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