Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fair Trade Tea History

His early history of Fair Trade is linked to Christian faith-based group, as it is they who originated this movement.

Most people agree that it all started in the U S. What is now Ten 1000 Villages and other associations 1st sold handcrafts made by disfavored people in the 1940s.

Here in Europe, Oxfam was created after World War II to relief hunger to refugees the name comes as an short form of Oxford team for Famine Relief. Oxfam Trading started to work in 1964 and later became the Fair Trade branch of this NGO. Now Oxfam is a large organization with lots of branches in many countries. They have created a fantastic brand image with their characteristic light green color and impacting campaigns.

Main to highlight major milestones:

No Year highlight major milestones
1. 1946 In United States, founders of what is now Ten 10000 organization buy needlework from Puerto Rico producers and sell them in their USA homeland
2. 1958 The first World Shop opens its doors in Ohio- United States
3. 1969 The first European World Shop opens in Breakeven, the Netherlands
4. 1989 The first Fair Trade certified label, Max Havelaar, is issued in the Netherlands Coffee starts as a Fair Trade good
5. 1990 Creation of EFTA, European Fair Trade Association
6. 1994 Creation of NEWS an association of Fair Trade shops
7. 1997 Creation of FLO, Fairtrade Labeling Organization, made by the merge of Max Havelaar, Transfair and Fair Trade
8. 1999 During the WTO meeting at Seattle three Global Exchange members are arrested by police while they were addressing the attendees
9. 2000 Garstang becomes the first Fairtrade town in the world. Now, some other 250 have followed
10 2007 The three major Fair Trade producer organizations become part of the governance structure of FLO

First Fair Trade franchise business becomes available in the United Kingdom As for the term fair Trade itself, it was 1st used by Michael Barratt Brown in 1985, during a Trade and Technology meeting in London, although during the early days some other names existed: Alternative trade, Alternative commerce…. and some of them are still in use.

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