Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fairtrade in Universities and Colleges New Scheme 2012-2013

Fairtrade Universities and Colleges can apply for a mini grant of up to £500 to support other local universities and colleges to achieve Fairtrade status. By getting jointly with a local university or college to crusade for Fairtrade, we want you to share your affluence of knowledge and experience to help them work towards the 5 goals and ultimately get Fairtrade status. 

What’s the next step?

Step 1: Get together with a local university or college that now does not have Fairtrade status but would like to start working towards it.

Step 2: Decide what you are going to do together.

Step 3: total the application form with a short action plan, explanation how you plan to use the small grant to Go Further for Fairtrade.

The mini grant is an amazing way to take your campaign further, by expansion your efforts in the wider community. You’ll be part of a movement working to add to the number of universities and colleges across the UK standing up for farmers across Africa, Asia and Latin USA who grow the things we eat and use all day.