Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fair trade Main benefits to producer

1. Stable prices
For most products there is a Fairtrade Minimum Price that aims to cover the costs of sustainable production – even when world market prices fall.

2. A Fairtrade Premium
The Premium helps producers to develop the quality of their lives. It is paid on top of the agreed Fairtrade price, and producers decide democratically how to use it. Naturally they invest it in education, healthcare, farm improvement or processing services to increase income.

3. Partnership
Producers are involved in decisions that affect their future. Fairtrade certified producer jointly own and manage Fairtrade worldwide. Through the Fairtrade International's Board, its Committees and talk processes producers can influence prices, premiums, standards and overall strategy. 

4. Empowerment of farmers and workers
This is a goal of Fairtrade. Small farmer groups must have a democratic structure and transparent management in order to be certified. Workers must be allowed to have council on a committee that decides on the use of The Fairtrade Premium. Both groups are supported by Fairtrade International to develop their power in this area.