Monday, 10 September 2012

The fair trade Federation values

Trade as a Force for Positive Change 

We value trading relations that distribute power, risks and rewards more impartially. We consider that trade should be used as a tool to help alleviate poverty, reduce disparity, and create opportunity for people to help themselves. Trade should promote fair compensation; safe and healthy conditions, direct and long-term relationships, transparent business practices, and workplaces free from discrimination and required child labor. When trade encompasses this practice, the lives of all people and their community improve.


We value communities grounded in trust, moral support, support, and a sense of belonging, making us stronger alone and as a whole. We value the global fair trade movement, recognize that we are essentially inter-reliant, and believe that our unified voices convey a powerful message.

Sustainable Practices

We value continuous improvement and application of financial, social, cultural, and environmentally sustainable practices. We embrace the United Nations’ definition of sustainability “to meet the needs of current generations without compromise the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.

Fullest Commitment

We believe that reliability comes from representing, through open and transparent connections, the promises we make. We have a liability to maintain the maximum standards and outlook of ourselves; and, we value organization that aspires to fully embrace fair trade principles.

Consumer Knowledge

We value the impact that comes from empower consumers with knowledge. We believe that when people appreciate that trade can be a force for positive change they will use their purchase power to improve the lives of people and community.

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